Q&A Letter For Parents

What We Do

  • We pair your child with a kid from a respectable family in China so that those kids can eventually become friends and learn each other’s language and culture.

How It Works

  • 45 minutes per session (once every week), half the time will be devoted to speaking in Mandarin, the other half time will be in English.

Topics kids could cover

  • Mutual interests and talents, cultural arts, customs, current events, hobbies, etc

Tips for The First Online Meeting

  • Have your child prepare a short introduction about himself/herself. Include hobbies, interests, information about school and studies, pictures and videos of family and friends: these personal touches of life will be fascinating to Chinese kids

How do we choose an appropriate online pal for the American child

  • Try our best to match the mutual interests of the kids

  • Security: we only pick up those trustworthy and friendly families

How to connect with your new ‘Chinese friend’ or ‘online pal’?

  • We will email you a brief introduction to the Chinese family along with the child’s available time to communicate so that you and your child can choose the most suitable time slot; then you will meet online using a third-party video conference software provided by us.

What about this third-party video conference software?

  • www.classin.com is the educational software we use to deliver the interaction. It's similar to Zoom, with more educational features.

Our Philosophy

  • Peer to Peer, Keep It Simple

  • Build friendships and share interests

  • Love yourself and love each other

Benefits for our kids

  • Global lifestyle from childhood: pave the way for your kid to become a global leader

  • Learn to collaborate through online teamwork programs

  • Learn life long lessons

  • Develop Psychological, Intellectual, Social, Emotional, and Growth Developmental skills

Support and who we are

  • Michael (Xiaojie) Huo: Founder

Bachelors in neuroscience, Fudan University in Shanghai;

MA in Economics, NYU in New York

  • Jiajia (Jiageng Zhao): Team Member

Bachelors in Child Psychology, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor

MA in Education, NYU

  • Ellen Oppenheim: Team Member

Born in NYC, marketing all her whole life, more than 40 years.

  • Ms. Guo: Academic Advisor on Board

MA in Education, Maryland University

5 years of Teaching experience in Mandarin Immersion Schools (which include 3 years in Avenues the World in Manhattan)

  • Coco Kee: Strategic Advisor on Board

Co-founder of Kee Global Advisors LLC (KGA)

Bachelor and Master degrees in English Literature, Peking University

MBA in Walter A. Haas School of Business - University of California, Berkeley

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