Michael, the founder

This is the guy, himself.

He was born in a little town Pingyao, which used to be the Wall Street of China during the last two dynasties.

Pingyao is a little and old fashion town, 6 hours' drive south-west of Beijing. Tourists come here from every corner of the world. Since childhood, Michael tries to talk with these tourists and absorbs any information outside his small world: the Minnesota college guy whose father was in the air-force, the Colorado old man who has a big house up in the ski resort, the Missouri lady who works in the film industry and who picks up clothes for actors, the New York business man who lost everything in the Internet bubble, the 21 years old former soldier of Israel who travels with his mom to console his soul, the South Africa guy who tells Michael's younger brother that a great man should always believes in himself and wants to serve the society.

Then he went to college in Shanghai, for 10 years.

Then New York University in NYC, for 4 years.

He deeply feels the huge difference between urban and rural areas inside China, and also between cities of US and China.

How to help next generation better understand the difference? This is the question Michael wants to answer and the reason why he started this company.

From a kid's perspective: why should I care about a place so far away from me? No reason is better than: 'I have a friend there, in that little town/city'. Michael believes in this simple and intuitive idea.

You also believe it, right? Then, join him, and enjoy a long cross-culture journey.

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